Status: Physical literacy is an initiative in Scotland under the Better Movers and Thinkers Program (BMT). BMT is designed to develop physical literacy with a focus on movement skills and cognitive tasks, with the intention to give children the ability to move and think in an integrated way. Physical education specialists are trained through the BMT Program. Additionally, the program identifies Cluster Champions, adults who are responsible for incorporating BMT methodologies and content into their schools’ physical education programs.[59]  Scotland also uses the Primary School Physical Literacy Framework (see England). 

Definition: “Physical Literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provides children with the movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity. Enabling them to be physically literate supports their development as competent, confident, and healthy movers.”[60]

Leadership: Education Scotland, Sport Scotland

Funding: Government

Sector and Venue: Physical literacy is taught and developed through physical education, supported in schools, and practiced/delivered in a holistic manner (includes affective, cognitive, and physical components).   

Sample Program: Better Movers and Thinkers (BMT) Program (2015 implementation date).

Key Resources: 

Primary School Physical Literacy Framework: This is a framework designed to support those working in primary schools to consider how best to structure their physical education and school sport programs to ensure maximum opportunity is provided to develop the physical literacy of all their students.[61] 

Inclusion and messaging: Elements are similar to those in other UK countries.