It often takes a community to develop someone who is literate in a skill like reading. Developing physical literacy is no different. Our work identified 10 sectors that are well positioned to play key roles in advancing physical literacy (PL). Those sectors are: community recreation organizations, education, fitness organizations, national sport organizations, health care & medical providers, public health agencies & foundations, media & technology, business & industry, parents/guardians, and policymakers & civic leaders. On the following pages is a discussion of why each should engage, ideas for how they could engage meaningfully, and barriers or competing interests that could limit engagement.

With each of the sectors at left, it will be important to identify individuals and/or organizations that will commit to being early adopters of PL principles. As champions, they can help educate and recruit others by speaking at conferences, engaging on social media platforms, authoring blog posts or op-eds, and introducing the idea to their networks in informal ways. This is one of the first steps to building a national physical literacy movement.